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Upcoming Events & Activities
Peninsula Tennis Club
October 3rd - 4th                van Dillen Men’s Doubles Championship Tournament, Semi/Finals
October 24th - 25th            Women's Doubles Tournament, Semi/Finals
Tuesday, November 17th (TBD)   November Membership Meeting
Saturday, December 5th  (TBD)   Holiday Party

President’s Message:  Erica Reilly
It has been a summer like no other at the club and although I (as is everyone) am missing the social interactions that are so much a part of PTC, lots of players are on the courts and the pool is in almost continuous use with families and lap swimmers.  Both the Singles Round Robin and the Doubles Tune-Up have been very successful and provided lots of opportunities to play some great tennis with fellow members.  A big thank you to Reynold for keeping our competitive juices flowing.
As we enter the fall season, I hope we all remember to be grateful to have this special place to safely get some outdoor exercise and connect with each other.  Happy Fall to all!

Editor's Note:  Jeff Tateosian
Starting with this issue, we will start sending out the Drop Shot to our members on a quarterly basis.  With the lack of tennis and social activities, along with reduced access to club facilities, we feel that there isn’t enough news to share monthly.  As club activities hopefully increase next year, we’ll switch back when the time is right.  Lona will continue to blast out member emails as important club news warrants. 

Manager:  Lona Means
Please see my message at the bottom of this newsletter due to its length.  The message is as important as ever.

Club Anniversaries for July-September (5+ years)
Congratulations to the following members:
Steve Brooks - 45 years
Dan & Boo Dewitt - 30 years
Jeff & Michelle Katz - 25 years
Lisa & Mark Rosenthal - 20 years
Roger & Bebe Trinkner - 20 years
Jeff & Kathy Tsu - 20 years
Randy & Mindy Wong - 15 years
Herald & Mei Chen - 10 years
Louis & Susan Summe - 10 years
Bill St. Lawrence & Kristen Pierce - 5 years
Caty & Charlie Everett - 5 years
Lexi & Jon Slavet - 5 years

In Memoriam:  Peter Stevenson
By now, many of you know that PTC Member Doug Friedman passed away last month.  Truly a sad and devastating loss for his family (Pam, Katie and Kylie) and the broader Burlingame community.  
As Doug's wife Pam shared with family and friends recently, "He fought hard throughout and never lost his smile or sense of humor until the end."  For those who knew Doug can attest, he always had a smile on his face and the joy and love he shared for family and friends would absolutely brighten your day.  Doug grew up in New Jersey (where he met Pam) and was a life-long Bruce Springsteen fan.  The first concert he took Pam to was Bruce's "The Rising Tour" event back in 2002.  One of his favorite songs by Bruce was "Waitin’ on a Sunny Day" which Pam shared perfectly captures the type of guy he was.   
Our heartfelt condolences from the entire PTC community go out to Pam, Katie and Kylie.  Doug will be truly missed.

Tennis News:  Reynold Harbin
Update: PTC Doubles Tune-up Round Robin
August featured some excellent, and close, doubles match play with over 130 members coming out for the PTC Doubles Tune-up Round Robin!

The round robin brought together PTC members of all levels and ages, from 14-year old Mila Mulready who competed with the best players at the club, to the #26 and #53 ranked women’s college players in the country (Carolyn and Anna Campana) who had to carry their dad, Mark Campana, in a couple of rounds in The Cha Cha Draw :)
The closest match recorded came from duo Jim Sobel and Randy Wong, who pulled out a third set tiebreak win in The Mambo Draw versus Don Clark and David Hyman with a score of 6-3, 3-6, 1-0 (15-13).
For those who were able to participate in the Doubles Tune-up Round Robin, please bring your sharpened skills into the upcoming PTC Doubles Championship Tournaments in September and October!
The van Dillen Men’s Doubles Championship is scheduled to start September 19th and end with a finals weekend on October 3rd and 4th.  As in prior years, there are four divisions: 3.5, 4.0, Senior, and Open.  
Each team will play a minimum of two matches (main and back draw).  All players will receive a gift, and there will be awards for winners and finalists.  Tennis balls will be available at the office for each of your matches.
Teams will self-schedule early rounds and can reserve up to two hours per match using our online reservation system.  The Semi and Final matches will be held at specific times on finals weekend, October 3rd and 4th.  
Registration for the van Dillen is open and you can register by going to the following website:
*** note *** to register, you will need to provide this event password: - “vandillen” 
The PTC Women’s Doubles Championship is planned for October 10th – 25th, with a finals weekend on October 24th and 25th.  As we get closer to those dates, there will be a separate event registration page and we will send out an email for signups.
We hope you have enjoyed meeting other members and playing some close singles and doubles matches over the summer, and that you are ready to play in the PTC Doubles Championships!

House & Grounds:  Brian Desler 
Work on the roof has been completed, with the exception of a few areas that need to be painted.  There was a fair amount of dry rot that needed to be repaired.  The addition of new operable skylights in the fitness and junior rooms look great and add a significant amount of natural light.  Thank you for your patience while the work was taking place.  

Membership News:  Jackie Sage
Ivona and David Rosenstein - Sponsors are: March and Myers
The Rosensteins have been long-time residents of Burlingame and have two young sons (Zachary age 11 and Matthew almost 9).  The Rosensteins have taken tennis lessons in the past at other tennis facilities and would like the opportunity to play more with their family at PTC.  Zachary and Matthew have been Junior PTC tennis members for some time now and have been enjoying tennis lessons and camps run by Pablo.  Members and neighbors state that the Rosensteins are well liked in the neighborhood and are interested in contributing to the overall spirit of the club.  With family life being very busy over the last decade, tennis play has not happened as much as they would like but all of the Rosensteins are excited to start a new chapter of family tennis at PTC. 
Diane Russell and Ward Supplee - Sponsors are: Reilly and Krasts
Diane and Ward live in Burlingame and have two children (Della aged 15 and Piper aged 18).  Diane has been an avid tennis player playing at least two times a week for many years.  Recently Diane played on the Foster City Teams and often plays with current PTC members as a guest.  Diane is rated a 3.0 and would love the opportunity to join PTC 3.0 W USTA tennis teams.  Their sponsors state that Diane is fun, kind, and is interested in building deeper tennis relationships and would be a great captain.
Serena Conti and Scott Allen - Sponsors are: Baker and Kotmel
Serena and Scott live in Burlingame, have deep roots in the community and are very excited to join PTC.  Scott is ready to join the 3.0 men’s team when USTA starts back up and Serena is eager to join in the tennis and social aspects of PTC when she is able.  Scott and Serena are expecting their second child in November and they have a one-year old.  Serena is a local real estate broker and Scott is a general contractor, so both are very familiar with Burlingame and have lived near the PTC for the last seven years. Their sponsors say that Serena and Scott are community oriented, athletic, fun, and they can't wait to dive into all aspects that PTC has to offer.
Matt and Nikki Squires - Sponsors are: Fregosi and Simonds 
The Squires live in Burlingame with their young sons (Mac, age 8, and Billy, age 7).  Matt and Nikki love tennis, have raw skills, and are eager to join the 3.0 teams.  The boys are also looking to join the kids’ tennis lessons/camps that Pablo offers.  Their sponsors state, "The Squires would be a wonderful addition to all of the young families currently at the club and bring a love for people and community."  Both sponsors see the Squires becoming active and participating in all aspects that PTC has to offer.
Keith and Beth Taylor - Sponsors are: Stevenson and Heffernan
Beth and Keith have lived in the Burlingame community for many years and have seen all three of their children grow up going to the local public schools (Meg, age 26, Charlie, age 24, and Alec, age 23).  As almost empty nesters, they are looking to join their many friends who are already members at the PTC. Keith is ready to dive into the men’s 3.5 USTA teams when they start back up and has been seen playing with various members as a guest these last few months.  The Taylors would like the opportunity to play on a regular basis, enjoy the PTC community, and want to be more involved with our tennis and social events.  The Taylors’ sponsors say that they are kind, thoughtful, gracious, giving and would be a tremendous addition to our already wonderful community. 
Member Resignations
We have had to say goodbye to some wonderful members this summer.  We will miss Gayle Etienne, Victoria Culas, Austin Sellery, Julie Dennerline, and Zara Fritz.    

Tennis Pro:  Pablo Alvarado
It's incredible how many challenges we are all facing this year.  By being responsible, having a consistent plan and protocols, we were able to run a successful nine weeks of summer camps with 72 players loving the game in a fun and safe environment.  Our commitment now is to keep our kids active, healthy, making friends and learning new skills during the fall season. 

This coming season we will be offering different formats trying to give to each family an option that matches their needs.  We will be doing privates & semi-privates, family group classes and small pods with groups of six or less players per court.  We are also resuming our Adult classes with privates, semi-privates and Doubles Clinics. 

We are committed to keeping our ratios low and providing as many playing opportunities as possible - and for that, we are welcoming Coach Nolan Negron to our Staff.  Nolan is 39 yrs old and recently moved from Florida.  He has outstanding tennis experience.  As a junior, he trained at Bollettieri Academy, Played Division 1 for University of Puerto Rico, and he has been a hitting partner of several professional players as well.  Nolan is  a USPTA certified teaching pro, and in order to be part of our team, he has completed Positive Coaching Alliance training, Safesport Certification and went through a complete background check.

Nolan is humble, easy going and has a great attitude.  As soon as I met him, I knew that he will be a great addition for our team.  Please introduce yourself when you see him around.  He is really looking forward to meeting and spending time on the court with all of you. 

If you are looking for a regular weekly spot for lessons or you want to get your kids in our Jr. Program, please send me an email to  If you want to register for isolated lessons, you can go to the members portal at and check what is available in the calendar. 

Manager:  (Lona Means)
Please take a couple of minutes to review these important club guidelines:

First and foremost, please do not come to the Club if you are sick or have any of the signs or symptoms for COVID. As a reminder, the virus continues to spread in our community.  As the health measures and restrictions imposed during the first wave of this pandemic are slowly easing, it is up to each of us to be responsible and to help control the spread of the virus.

Masks –
Public health officials now require all Californians to wear masks outside the home, so we also have to implement this guideline at the club.  Please wear a mask when entering the club and roaming around, masks are not required on the court, in the pool or fitness room or seated at a table.

Members-Only - Play is limited to members - we are not offering guest play at this time

Tennis Play Guidelines
All court reservations MUST be made in advance. We will not be taking walk-ins for court usage and there is no waiting at the club for a court to open. Online reservations: limited to 1x/day per member and names of ALL players must be listed.  Existing rules for court time apply (1 hour for singles, 1.5 hours for doubles).
  • To sign up for online reservations, please visit anytime you want to make a reservation, or call the club at 650-347-1439 to have Lona or Steve if you need help.
  • Each player will bring their own balls so that players will only serve with balls they brought so that we can avoid sharing equipment, which is specifically prohibited in the health order. We have ordered some Wilson cans with 4 balls to sell at the club, so 2 cans of those for doubles could meet the requirement
  • Players bring their own water -- drinking fountains/ice machine are not available. Towels will not be available.
Follow USTA guidelines for social distancing during play:
  • Try to stay at least six feet apart from other players. Do not make physical contact with them (such as shaking hands or a high five).
  • When playing doubles, coordinate with your partner to maintain physical distancing.
  • Avoid touching your face after handling a ball, racquet, or other equipment. Wash your hands promptly if you have touched your eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Avoid sharing food, drinks, or towels.
  • Use your racquet/foot to pick up balls and hit them to your opponent. Avoid using your hands to pick up the balls. Kick/hit balls that roll on your court back.
  • Maintain physical distancing if changing ends of the court.
  • Remain apart from other players when taking a break. 
  • The ball machine is available if you bring your own balls and disinfect the equipment before and after use.
  • Courts 4 and 5 will be used by Pablo for private and semi-private lessons and summer camps. They are available for play when not in use by Pablo.
Socializing Guidelines
  • Congregating and socializing at the club is now allowed in limited capacity after you play. Chairs have been placed back at certain tables and members are welcome to congregate six feet apart. Please wipe down tables with the spray cleaner and towel provided before and after you sit down.
Additional Guidelines
  • Adult locker rooms remain closed and there is no storing equipment, showering or changing at the club. Only the boys and girls locker rooms are open and only one person can enter at a time to use the facilities and wash hands. Adults and junior members will be sharing this locker room.
  • All other club areas will be closed, including spa, ladies/men’s locker rooms, fitness room, and club house.
  • The club will put in place additional cleaning procedures to keep the facilities safe. However, please understand that you are taking a risk by using commonly used areas and we cannot ensure complete sterilization of the club.
  • Players, parents, and children will not be allowed to roam the facility. Parents with children in lessons are allowed one adult to supervise during the lesson (social distancing applies).  Parents with additional children, siblings, friends not participating in a lesson at the same time should remain at home or wait in the car with you.
Pool Guidelines
  • Lap swimmers can reserve the pool in half hour and hour slots.  Families can reserve the pool for up to 45 min between 9:00am and 4pm, with up to 2 reservations per week.  Reserve Main Lane or Family Swim Lane here:
  • Per county guidelines we are required to do the following (and due to our low staffing, will need your help):
    • Actively monitor the pool. We don’t have the staff to do this, but since we are a member owned club, we believe member/owners can actively monitor themselves. This means adults have to be in the water or sitting on the edge of the pool with their children. (Lona/Steve will monitor the pool from the office, along with the rest of the club)
    • Check the pool chemicals between each group. Please leave promptly at 15 min before the hour so that Lona/Steve can make sure the pool is ready for the next group.
  • All people in the main area of the pool during the reserved time need to be from the same household (guests are not permitted). The swim lane remains open for adult swim, so please leave that clear for exercise.
  • Spa/hot tub remains closed
  • Congregating or socializing is not allowed – please don’t hang out on the chaise lounges or lie on towels on the pool deck. Everyone has to be in the pool and needs to leave when finished swimming
  • The chaise lounges are still closed, but tables and chairs are available. Please do not allow your children to roam around the facility – they need to be in the pool or at the table. Clean tables with available spray before and after use.
  • Please bring your own water (water fountains are closed). No outside food is allowed.
  • Although we believe the risk of using a pool is low, please realize that there is inherent risk in using any shared facilities and we cannot ensure complete sterilization of the club. 
Fitness Room Guidelines - Closed Until Further Notice
New Members - Jason & Susan Cooper & Family
New Members - Chad & Bonnie Partridge & Family
New Members - Scott Allen & Serena Conti & Family
New Members - Ward Supplee & Diane Russell
New Members - Matt & Nikki Squires & Family
New Members - Keith & Beth Taylor & Family
A first for Loel - vacuuming up ash from the tennis courts.  We almost lost him in the darkness on court 3 this past Wednesday!
Top-seeded Mila Mulready def. Avery Nguyen 6-3, 6-4 to claim the Junior Excellence Girls 14 title.
Lona/Steve's office gets a makeover.  Check it out.
Jim Sobel - looking more like Jerry Garcia daily, would do well to wear Jeff's Grateful Dead mask.
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