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Upcoming Events
  • Tuesday, January 21st                             Annual Membership Meeting
  • Sunday, February 2nd                             17th Annual Super Bowl Party

President’s Message: (David Bressie)
Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you all had a great holiday spent with family and friends.  For those of you who weren’t able to make the holiday party I will thank our outgoing Board Members again.  A big thank you to Peter Stevenson, who is finishing up his third year on the Board having served as our past President and chair of Membership most recently.  Thank you to Bryan Welsh, who was in charge of our tennis events and in 2019 took care of all of our finances.  Last but not least, thank you to Angie Kwan, who was in charge of Social and was Secretary in 2019.  It has been great serving on the Board with you and thank you for your service to PTC.  
Our incoming Board Members are Reynold Harbin (Tennis), Kate Belding (Social), and Gene Trainor (Secretary).  They will be starting their jobs later this month after our annual membership meeting on January 21st.  Welcome to the Board and thank you for volunteering.
Enjoy the sunshine while it's here and I hope to see everyone around the club.

Manager’s Message: (Lona Means)
Such generous, thoughtful members at PTC!  Thank you for your contributions to the holiday fund this year.  Loel, Tony, Steve, Eric and I are very appreciative.  We wish you and your families a very healthy and happy 2020.
Our 40+ season is just about to start so please speak with the respective captains if you are interested in playing. 
Please double check that all doors are closed, and lights turned off prior to leaving PTC.  Thank you!

Club News: (Jeff Tateosian)
Changes to the Drop Shot - Recently, the Board has decided to change the way the Drop Shot is delivered to you starting this month.  Many members have asked that the quarterly newsletter (previously mailed) be emailed so that they can access it on their phones, tablets or computers.  Along with continuing to go "green" and save the club money in the process, we will be emailing our newsletters out each month to everyone.  If you do not have online access and would like Lona to continue to mail the quarterly newsletters to you, please contact her.  Along with the change to email, we are switching to a new software format.  One advantage of the new software is that we can provide photos on a monthly basis rather than waiting for the quarterly newsletter to be mailed out.  Please let Lona or I know if you have any questions or comments concerning the Drop Shot.
Club Anniversaries for January-March  (5+ years)
Congratulations to the following members:
Bill & Cecilia Sharer                         20 Years
Kent Dorwin                                      20 Years
Mark & Kathleen Talmadge             15 Years
Bill & Libby O'Leary                         15 Years
Kelly & Natalie Kemp                       15 Years
Tom Middlemass                              15 Years
Jeff & Mary Eliason                          10 Years
Bob & Amy Jasmer                             5 Years
I would like to take this opportunity to thank this year’s Board Members as well as Lona Means, for writing informative articles for this past year’s Drop Shots.  We all appreciate your time and effort.  A big thank you also goes to Nancy Batchelor, Kate Belding and Lona for proofreading the newsletters each month.  Finally, thank you to our webmaster, Dennis Mayer, for his work in formatting and printing the newsletters that have been mailed to members every quarter.  Both Nancy and Dennis have volunteered their time helping to produce the Drop Shot over the past thirteen years.
A great time was had by all.  In November, our tennis pros Pablo and Stephanie held their first annual Family Play Day & Pizza Party.  They were very pleased with the turnout and thanked the over 70 people who participated.  Pablo said that "this is what it is all about for us, FAMILY & FRIENDS playing and building a wonderful TENNIS COMMUNITY."  A group photo can be found at the end of the newsletter.   

Membership News: (Peter Stevenson)
Please welcome our newest members - Ekine and Heather Akuiyibo.
Ekine and Heather live on Plymouth Street, just outside the back door of the Club.  They are the house that is currently going through a remodel and I'm sure they are looking forward to when the project is finished and the commute to the Club will be just a short stroll.  Ekine and Heather are playing at a 3.0 level and are interested in joining USTA leagues and playing more frequently.  Both are great athletes (Ekine is an avid golfer and Heather swam at Stanford University) and will likely move up in ratings in the near-term.  The Akuiyibos have two children - Joshua (age 9) and Elizabeth (age 4).  Everyone who have met Ekine and Heather through the application process have commented how personable, outgoing and fun they both are and that the family will make a great addition to the PTC.   
SponsorsPaz, Pearcy
As we wrap up another fantastic year at the Club, I just wanted to extend on behalf of the entire Membership another hearty welcome to all of our new members and their families who joined the PTC in 2019.  Wishing everyone a great 2020!
Sade and Dan Carroll
Davina and Adam Chall
Young and Jennifer Chung
Shannon and Cameron Foster
Ron and Susan Friedman
Simona and Orion Jankowski
Kimberly and Jason Kletter
Lori and Scott Langmack
Andrea and Justin McMahan
Tal and Cinthia Simon
Amanda Wheeler and Andrew Ogilvie
Chelsea Woo and Bobby Thompson
Mike Ying and Laurie Mun
Heather & Ekine Akuiyibo
I also wanted to take a moment to thank the Membership Committee members for all of their efforts this past year.  Big shout out to Jane Pearcy, Jeff Tateosian, Sheila Druskin and John Kohli.

House & Grounds News: (Brian Desler)
Happy New Year everyone.  Please be on the lookout for an online survey (via Survey Monkey) coming to your email in early January.  We're looking for your feedback on prioritizing potential improvements to the Club, as well as suggestions for any new enhancements we don't have on our radar.  The survey should only take a few minutes, so we'd appreciate your response.  The Board will then publish the results of the survey in February and plan any 2020 updates to the club accordingly.  
Social News: (Jackie Sage/Elise Brand)
Thanks everyone for a great year of events.  It has been a blast.  The Winter Wonderland Holiday Party could not have been better and we would not have pulled it together without the expertise of many volunteers.  Huge thanks go to our veteran volunteers for this event; Val March, Cris Mangar, Nancy Batchelor, Yana Malone, and our steady favorites... Jeff Tateosian as DJ and James Fregosi as lead bartender with his merry men who were Ken M, Jeff S, Eric B, Peter S, Ron M, and Jeff T.  Many thanks to Whitney Murphy, Beth Francisconi, Kim Kletter, Sharon Marson, and Eileen Lewis for the huge help spending many hours setting up the tree and tables.  Lona, Loel and Tony were instrumental as always.  
Mark your calendars for the next event: PTC Super Bowl Party - Sunday, February 2nd.  This fun event will be led by Elise Brand, Andrea Sobel and Marissa Hauselt.  Details will be sent via email as the date gets closer.

Secretary News: (Angie Kwan)
It’s been my pleasure serving on the PTC Board of Directors for the past two years.  As Social Committee Chair (2018) and as Secretary (2019), I have enjoyed working with members to bring exciting events to PTC.  I appreciate the efficiency and thoughtfulness of Peter Stevenson & David Bressie (past two Presidents) during our Board Meetings.  Their contributions have provided us newly resurfaced tennis courts, a robust junior tennis program, and strong membership.  I also have enjoyed thoroughly enjoyed working with Board Members Jeff Eliason, Keith Pratt, Bryan Welsh, Sheila Druskin, Kim Cresci, Brian Desler, Erica Reilly, and Jackie Sage (with Elise Brand on Social) during the past two years.
In addition, I'd like to thank the wonderful staff at PTC.  Lona Means, Pablo Alvarado, Tony, Loel, and Steve Dworetzky.  I appreciate them so very much.  Each provides something special to our Club that I don't take for granted.  Lastly, welcome to the incoming Board Members, I know this will be a wonderful time for you as well.  Thank you for this opportunity to serve PTC.  It has been my pleasure.
Women's Calcutta Friday Night Draw
Betty Cookson Doubles Championship-Open Winners-Amy Grenier & Libby O'Leary
Betty Cookson Doubles Championship-Open Finalists-Sheila Cooper & Mindy Wong
Betty Cookson Doubles Championship-7.5 Winners-Andrea McMahan & Sheila Druskin
Betty Cookson Doubles Championship-7.5 Finalists-Cecilia Sharer & Sharon Marson
55's 8.0 Team at Sectionals in Roseville
Mark Strem (right) Men's Open Singles Champion/ Ryan Clark (left) Men's Open Singles Runner-up
Mark Strem
Doug Heffernan (left) Men's 3.5 Singles Champion/ Peter Stevenson (right) Men's 3.5 Singles Runner-up
David Hyman-2019 Poker Champion
Family Fun Day 11-15-19
Lori & Scott Langmack
Ekine & Heather Akuiyibo
Kimberly & Jason Kletter
Young & Jennifer Chung
Andrew Olilvie & Amanda Wheeler
Davina & Adam Chall
Tal & Cinthia Simon
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